Gold Eagle Coin Tube. White Gold Cz Wedding Ring. Rose Gold Bead.

Gold Eagle Coin Tube

gold eagle coin tube

    gold eagle
  • (Gold Eagles) Modern gold bullion coins. American gold Eagles are products of the U.S. Mint, and since their debut in 1986 have become this country’s most popular gold bullion coin. Struck in a traditional coinage alloy of 91.

  • Invent or devise (a new word or phrase)

  • make up; "coin phrases or words"

  • Make (coins) by stamping metal

  • mint: form by stamping, punching, or printing; "strike coins"; "strike a medal"

  • a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money

  • Make (metal) into coins

  • conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases

  • convey in a tube; "inside Paris, they used to tube mail"

  • Material in such a cylindrical form; tubing

  • A long, hollow cylinder of metal, plastic, glass, etc., for holding or transporting something, chiefly liquids or gases

  • The inner tube of a bicycle tire

  • provide with a tube or insert a tube into

Coin Collection

Coin Collection

I think a lot of my close friends don't know this either but YES I collect coins. I just find nice ones and keep them.. I think it all started with that Fiji coin I found..

Yea, I know it's only a small collection. The rest are just some quarters with something other than a moose on it.. except for taht one in the second row.. I'm not sure why it's there.. and some US currency.

edit. March 15, 2006
I have wayyyy more coins than what you see here right now.

Coin oddities, side one

Coin oddities, side one

I have a small box of foreign coins. Sometimes things that aren't really coins get thrown in there with them. I see at least 3 of the non-coins in this group. I went looking for one with a square hole, because I think that is unusual, but I mostly found the one's with the round hole. There were some oddly shaped coins as well.

Click "all sizes" for a better look.

gold eagle coin tube

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